…take lessons with Arianna or Petter!

Arianna Savall and Petter Udland johansen has long experience in teaching and giving workshops and seminars.
Arianna and Petter are deeply engage in educational work with heart and soul, and in a generous way, they share with their students the experience of those who regularly attend their seminar, workshop and master classes. This is also one of the reasons why Arianna and Petter are often asked to come back again where they have given Seminars, workshops and master classes.

Their curses are always well attended, and creates great joy and interests by the participants. 
They have a wide broadness within different musical genres, and they teach with great enthusiasm, which inspires students to further develop in their musical careers. They have great authority as singers and instrumentalists, and can lead projects at all different musical levels. Both have long experience teaching on at the college/university level and regularly works with choirs and instrumentalists. Arianna Savall and Petter Udland Johansen have for many years played and taught at renowned festivals in Europe, which helps to create an international atmosphere. They make their own musical arrangements that can be tailor-made to the various curses and musical projects, ranging from small instrumental and vocal ensembles to larger choir and orchestral projects. 

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